Marquette is one of the strongest Buffalo wing towns in the Midwest with almost every location from the Landmark to Lagniappe having some kind of wings on their menu. However, the city’s newest location has added quite the twist on the traditional idea of wings.

The 906 Sports Bar N Grill has added a special kind of vegetarian wings to their menu, using deep-fried cauliflower instead of the usual chicken.

Even though the idea sounds sacrilegious to wing lovers everywhere, the cauliflower wings were surprisingly solid. The breading provided a thin, protective barrier to allow the vegetable to cook itself from the inside out. The result was a perfectly cooked cauliflower that stayed warm and crisp. But paired with the raw celery and carrots, the cauliflower had a softer texture and consistency that could help the stingiest carnivore make the jump to the vegetarian option.

What was the most surprising about the cauliflower wings was how it broke free of typical cooked vegetable stereotypes. So often at home, people will over cook or even boil (blech!) their vegetables. The result is a soggy mush lacking most of the flavors and nutrients wanted in the first place. Most pubs and bars will stay away from the healthier veggies and go for starchy potatoes or stick with the same raw side salads.

Obviously, deep fried anything isn’t as healthy as it could be. Thankfully, it does offer an option for vegetarians and people transitioning to more heart-healthy options while out on the town.

The wings are limited though by their sauces. Currently, 906 has just two flavors: golden and traditional. Each has three degrees of hotness, so there is some variety there. On a menu geared towards burgers, two sauces could get lost in the mix of Marquette’s deep wing market. Most locations in town have at least three sauces.

However, the thin breading and less-durable cauliflower would have a hard time holding up to dense sauces like a parmesan garlic. Flavors that are based on dry spice blends like Cajun or Caribbean jerk would also be difficult with the delicate cauliflower. It looks like 906 won’t be expanding their sauce options anytime soon, but they would have to take into consideration how the sauces would go with the cauliflower wings. A chili and lime or an Asian teriyaki could be the best options if 906 does offer more.

Until then, the 906 has hit a home run with this new option and is a welcome addition to the area’s Buffalo wing expertise. What do you think of the wings? Comment below.

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