Marquette is getting a breath of fresh Aer, as the popular duo will come to Vandament Arena Saturday night, March 28.

The Boston-based band of David von Mering and Carter Schultz combine multiple genres like reggae, pop, indie rock and rap to put a new spin on the music scene.

“This style of music for us is nothing we sought after,” Schultz said in a phone interview. “(von Mering) and I never sat down and said it needs to sound like this. We decided to sit down and make some music. We felt really natural with the music and weren’t trying too hard. That’s what came from it.”

The natural approach has paid off the two. Individual songs like “Says She Loves Me” topped the Sirius XM’s Alt Nation chart, but their albums as a whole were even more appreciated. Aer’s debut album earned the top spot on the iTunes Albums chart in 2012 while their self-titled album in 2014 rose to 26t on Billboard’s Top 200 and cracked the top ten of four different US genre-based charts.

With so many different genres in play, each song gets a different dosage of influence. According to Schultz, the amount often matches where the band is at in their lives.

“If you listen to all of our music, no two projects sound alike,” he said. “We take these projects and make a sample of our lives. We’re growing up and fitting into our styles but as long as were having fun were going to stay fresh.”

Schultz and von Mering have been making music since they were teenagers, first playing in a high school band in Wayland, Mass. Schultz said the band drifted apart creatively and went on their separate ways, but the two were able to stay connected making music. With the dream still alive, the two would hang out after school to play.

“We had no real intentions at first, but we kind of naturally fell into it,” Schultz said. “Off the bat it was a natural thing about having fun.”

Aer is one of the more successful duos on the market right now. While most solo performers will collaborate with other solo acts or multi-piece bands will come together from other projects, Schultz and von Mering have found success by themselves.

“There’s pros and cons of course, but I think it has worked to our advantage cause its two different characters,” Schultz said. “Working with Dave, he will bring something to me and I’m not feeling it. Then it turns into a challenge and I’ll end up loving it too. It’s hard to have two minds of every single aspect, but it has way more of an advantage.”

New music is on the horizon for Aer, who will be releasing new tracks soon Schultz said. They will be performing at multiple festivals like Firefly and Summer Set throughout the summer as well. However, Schultz doesn’t want to pass up the chance to connect to the Marquette crowd.

“Until you connect with each other, dancing together and looking at each other and all those fans in front of that stage, it means a lot,” Schultz said. “Make sure you’re paying attention cause I don’t want you guys to miss anything.”

Local act Not Quite Canada will be the opening band for Aer. The six-piece super jam band has been featured across the Upper Peninsula and is based out of Marquette. A lot of influence from Lotus and Phish come out in Not Quite Canada’s live shows.

The show starts at 8:30 p.m. in Vandament Arena. Tickets are $15 for students and $20 for general public and are currently available at all NMU EZ-ticket outlets. The concert is sponsored by Northern Arts and Entertainment.


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