Concert to rock NMU

1392905932Four bands coming as far as California will provide rock, indie rock and punk rock tonight at Northern Michigan University. The all-ages show will be in Northern Michigan University’s Explorer Rooms, located in the University Center.

The four bands at the show tonight will be Nonagon, The Rutabega, Victory and Associates and Two Holes of Man. Nonagon and The Rutabega are regional acts coming from Chicago and South Bend, Ind. respectively. Victory and Associates comes from San Francisco while Two Holes of Man are from MQT.

The show is being hosted by 
Nicholas Erickson, 

Two Holes of Man were once a MQT favorite in 2011, but were separated when guitarist Stan Berry moved out of the area. This is their second show since their return. They are a three-piece band that uses a combination of stringed instruments.

Victory and Associates is a band from the San Francisco area playing their first show on campus. Their music falls is more punk rock based with classic rock riffs. The four-member group of Conan Neutron, Evan Gritzon, Shane Otis and Jacob Menough have been playing since 2010.

The Rutabega is one of MQT’s more popular import bands from South Bend, Ind.. Described as Carp Rock, the pairing of Joshua Wayne Hensley and Garth Mason use multiple instrument pairings to create a emotional indie rock sound.

The Chicago-based band Nonagon will make one of their first trips to the Upper Peninsula will be the last band to perform. The band consisting of Tony Aimone, Robert Gomez and John Hastie put together their first album in 2008 and have produced two more in the last year. 

The show is being hosted by NMU student group First Aid Promotions, but was the brain child of Nicholas Erickson and Jesse DeCaire. The two tried putting together the show once they saw t
he three non-local bands were already set to play at the THUNDERSNOW 2014 event at Terrace Bay Inn in Gladstone. Erickson and Decaire set out to get the acts to play another show the night before. But after venue problems, the two paired up with First Aid Productions

“(Decaire and I) were initially intending on having all these bands play the Women’s Federation Clubhouse, but (the Women’s Federation) pull the plug on having rock music there last Fall,” Erickson said. “We got (First Aid Productions) in contact with these bands and they were able to set up the venue and stage equipment.”

In addition to the rock show, the rest of NMU’s campus will be full of other events. A presentation on sustainable food systems by journalist and food policy expert Raj Patel will be in the Great Lakes Rooms down the hall of the University Center, while NMU basketball teams plays at the Berry Events Center, comedian Jay Black will be performing in Jamrich and “Comedy of Errors” will be performed at the Black Box Theater.

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