exclusiveIn a Marquette Social Scene exclusive, Flanigan’s owner Don Marple speaks out about the stabbing in Marquette on New Year’s Eve 2015.

Flanigan’s staff was alerted of the situation when they witnessed police cars coming from opposite sides of the bike path and an ambulance and fire truck in the alley in between the bike path and the bar. He said that staff did not make the call.

Marple said he contacted the officers at the scene and witnessed the victim stand up and the ambulance leave the area with no sirens.

“They took the stretcher but the kid walked to the ambulance,” Marple said.

Flanigan’s then took action to protect the bar.

New Years stabbing Marquette

The arrested person involved in the stabbing on New Years Eve. (Photo from ABC10/Facebook)

“We were concerned about the (victim’s) safety, but we were also very concerned about keeping the stabber outside the bar,” Marple said. “Staff was alerted about what happened because we didn’t want him to come back and try to hide in the bar. He didn’t and all of our customers are safe and I’m happy about that.”

The victim and stabber were believed to be a part of the same group of people. Marple said he did not remember seeing the group come into the bar.

Flanigan’s did receive a no trespass order against the individual, but will not release the name until after arraignment earlier today. They did say that the man is 26 years old and not a resident of Marquette County.

ABC 10 news put a photo of the arrested alleged stabber on their website. Upper Michigan Source also reported on the incident, initially saying the crime happened at the bar, then in the alley outside the bar.

Upper Michigan Source said that the event happened at 12:11 a.m..

Marquette Flanigan's New Years Eve Stabbing

Photo of the crime scene the morning after. (Photo by Brice Burge)

Marple said that the incident happened on the bike path between Fifth and Seventh streets near Freedom gas station.

Freedom is a few business fronts west of Washington Street, but a retaining wall and a pole barn make Flanigan’s the closest landmark easily recognized from the place where the incident happened.

Marquette Social Scene staff went to the location earlier today. This picture was taken from the scene of the incident this morning.

The bike path is open for use. Flanigan’s is also open for business from Noon-2 a.m..


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