Flanigan’s season special — their apple pie shots — are back and the bar did not disappoint with this edition of the popular drink.

Unlike some commercial apple pie liquors, Flanigan’s apple pie isn’t syrupy. It is also clear, so there’s no pulp that detracts from the flavor like some homemade versions have.

Apple pie is a popular addition to the rich culture involved in the U.P.’s hunting culture, as many people will make their own versions of the alcohol and bring it with them to camp.

The drink has a pretty easy recipe to make at a bar or at home. Starting with the grain spirit of choice, apple cider and juice is combined with sugar and cinnamon for the adult spin on the classic dessert.

Flanigan’s inclusion of the cinnamon is what really drives the shot. Cinnamon is the new thing in liquor profiles with big manufacturers like Jack Daniels, Jose Cuervo and Sazerac who makes the popular Fireball.

It’s good to see a local bar add to a popular flavor by being true to themselves. Since Flanigan’s will be open on Thanksgiving, this could be the second dessert after your family’s dinner.

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Flanigan's apple pie shots are back
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