Kerry Yost returns to North Star Lounge


Yost is back at her regular Sunday night gig after a long hiatus (Kerry Yost Facebook page)

After a multiple month hiatus, Kerry Yost will return to her regular Sunday night show at the Landmark Inn‘s North Star Lounge.

“I couldn’t be happier to get back up (in the North Star Lounge),” Yost said. “Its like playing music in your living room. It doesn’t get much better.”
Yost last performed late last summer and took the break to rest nodules on her vocal chords. According to Yost, her other job working with children often overworked the nodules.

“I spend most of my workday talking, cheering, giggling, and generally trying to be engaging,” Yost said. “Pairing that with my “other” job of playing music eventually took a toll.”

Calling the music she plays “folk” and “acoustic” she plays a wide variety of covers while mixing in her own originals. 

She has also been playing with other musicians with different musical backgrounds to keep her inspiration thriving. Yost was also in a group called the Door Cats with Rebecca Rucinski and Marcella Krupski. These two have moved on to play in a new band called Sunset Machine, but may return to play on occasion during the Sunday gigs, as well as other local musicians with ties to Yost.

More information on Yost can be found through her pages on and

Yost’s first show back will be on Sunday, February 16th starting at 7 p.m. to 8:30p.m.. The Northstar Lounge is located on the sixth floor of the Landmark Inn. 

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