Wow. Yesterday feels like a dream.

First off a HUGE thanks to all my crazy awesome cohorts at Steinhaus. Especially the amazing Jaime and Justin Fairbanks. Jaime has the biggest heart of anyone I know. She had the idea for the benefit and didn’t stop until it came to fruition.

The next big thanks I have to give is to Sarah and Anthony Reynolds. You guys are such an amazing asset to this community. You’ve helped so many people when they are in this position. You both genuinely care about your community and your friends.

Next, I want to thank all the servers and staff that donated their tips. Not just at Steinhaus but also my Landmark family. So a huge thanks to Kaitlin Leichtnam, Christina Kelly, Kris Wierenga, Abigail Dufour, David Cappaert,Sara Thorsby, Livio Stabile, Crystal Anderson, and Sean Parker. That was insanely generous of each and every one of you.

Also a special thank you to the most lovely Dorene Friend for jumping right on in to help without even having to be asked and collecting donations.

I also need to mention all the wonderful people who did not even know me or about the benefit but came in for dinner at the Steinhaus. Even though they didn’t know me they still gave very generous donations and bid on the silent auction items! Now that’s amazing.

And last but certainly not least; to the businesses and individuals that donated items for the silent auction, to everyone who came out to the Stein last night, to those who couldn’t make it but have messaged me with support or helped spread the word, those of you sending donations by mail, YOU guys -if I may borrow from Kevin Durant – you guys are the real MVP’s. You make this community what it is; an amazing place to live. Each and every one of you raised my spirit and rejuvenated my strength. What an amazing feeling to see how many people care and have my back. I will be paying it forward for a lifetime.

Love, strength, and thanks,

Caitlin Mae McGee

Editor’s Note: This letter to the editor was originally posted on McGee’s Facebook page and republished with permission. If you would like to submit a letter to the editor, please email

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