The travel review site Thrillist posted an article yesterday, August 24, ranking each state by the beer they create. Not only did the website rank Michigan fourth-best for brews, but specifically mentioned the Ore Dock Brewing Company and the Upper Peninsula in their write up.

“Beer in Michigan is a way of life, an economic booster that’s helping Detroit pull out of the apocalypse and a soul cleanser up in the UP, where long winters are made better with a growler from Ore Dock,” said writers Ben Robinson and Andy Kryza and Matt Lynch.

Ore Dock was the only Upper Peninsula brewer to be named in the article, but Bell’s Brewery was the lead brewery in the article. Bell’s has announced that they will be adding a new division called Upper Hand Brewery in Escanaba and the area is frequently visited by founder Larry Bell.

New Holland Brewing Company, Short’s Brewing Company and Founders Brewing were also named in the article, but the long-running juggernaut of UP brewing — Keweenaw Brewing Company — was left off the list. Also listed was California’s Green Flash, which recently held distributor events in Marquette.

Thrillist is a review site for travel and culinary culture that focuses around central hubs across the United States. Detroit, Minneapolis and Chicago all have hubs on Thrillist.

Find out who topped Michigan in their ranking HERE.

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