The Wisconsin Rapids River Kings won a physical game on Friday, Nov. 14 5-2 against the Marquette Royales. The big story was the fight halfway through the third period and how many River Kings came into the fray.

This was our cover photo for the story:

royales brawl

A nice photo courtesy of Marcela Godoy, who originally posted this on her Instagram page. We used the photo with her permission. She also sent two other photos.

Does something seem a little off? It should.

Let’s take another look with the help of some visual aids.

fight with numbers

Yes, that is nine River Kings out on the ice. Can you spot what is missing? Yup, the goalie isn’t on the ice. We will be the first to admit that Bryce Leaf came out to the top of the circles to try to get a goalie fight going on during the middle of this, but both goaltenders stayed on their side of the ice.

Somehow, Wisconsin Rapids had 10 players on the ice, including the goalie. That’s going to be a tough one to explain to the MnJHL, as there are some serious punishments for leaving the bench during a brawl.

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