1. This bar has a stoplight in one of its back corners that signifies last call and closing time.
A. Stuckos
B. Remies
C. Breakers
D. Fat Boyz

2. What restaurant recently renovated their dining room to a music venue, adding an elevated DJ Booth and second drink station?
a. Aubree’s
b. Coco’s
c. Vango’s
d. Hudson’s

3. Which dive bar doesn’t have any pool tables?
a. Remie’s
b. Flanigan’s
c. Fat Boyz
d. Third Base

4. Which downtown bar and restaurant is actually part of a chain based out of lower Michigan?
a. Stucko’s
b. Aubree’s
c. Doghouse
d. 906 Sports Bar N Grill

5. Which hotel’s bar has the largest amount of draft beers?
a. Landmark Inn
b. Holiday Inn
c. Ramada Inn
d. Hampton Inn

6. Which local brewery created the Electric Squirrel Wheat?
a. Blackrocks
b. Vierling
c. Ore Dock
d. Chocolay River

7. What bar/restaurant has received the most reviews on Yelp?
a. Vierling
b. Laginappe
c. L’Attitude
d. Wild Rover

8. What restaurant is located in the old Shamrock bar?
a. Elizabeth’s Chop House
b. 906 Sports Bar N Grill
c. Doghouse
d. Steinhaus

9. What is the only bar in Marquette that doesn’t accept credit cards?
a. Pat’s Bar
b. Third Base
c. Wooden Nickel
d. Blackrocks

10. Which of the following bars does NOT have Keno?
a. 906 Sports Bar N Grill
b. Third Base
c. Flanigan’s
d. Wooden Nickel

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