Marquette Social Scene is officially endorsing Kat Klawes and Jess Gula for Associated Students of Northern Michigan University’s president and vice president. Marquette Social Scene is also endorsing all constitutional changes.

As an organization primarily composed of older, off-campus, non-traditional students, Marquette Social Scene feels that endorsing Klawes and Gula is an opportunity to lead by example and share who we think are the qualified candidates. We hope that students similar to us will decide to do their own research and vote as well since student apathy is a big problem on campus.

Klawes has shown that she can stand up for student issues in the campus community by working with administrators and standing tall against them. But more importantly, she has the wisdom to know the difference between the two. She isn’t afraid to tackle the big issues and that provides a positive student role model.

In her previous two terms, Klawes has been at the top of an improving ASNMU who has been riddled with scandals. Previous administrations struggled to fill the assembly, but that has not been a problem for Klawes and current VP Katie Liubakka. Liubakka is running as a general assembly member this election.

Replacing her will be Gula, who was appointed to the general assembly last September. She’s already a junior in status in her second year at NMU. She is also Magers Hall president and serves on various committees on campus.

Klawes opponent, challenger Lindsey Lieck, failed to show any leadership qualities in the debates and hasn’t done a whole lot as a general assembly member this year. Though she tried vigorously to say she did.

In the debates, Lieck claimed that both the botched recycling program in Jamrich and the constitutional amendments were impacted by her, even going as far to say that she fixed the Jamrich issue.

Both Marquette Social Scene and the North Wind reported on the issue and she never came up in our investigation at anytime.  Lieck was also not on the constitutional referendum committee and did not attend any meetings.

In an attempt to show experience, Lieck rode on the coattails of hard working students to take that work as her own. That shows that she is a boss and not a leader. Electing her would take the image improvement of the student government and completely throw it away.

Lieck’s running mate however, Liz Dow, has some good intentions. Dow is a resident advisor in the residence halls, which is good experience. She was also the most energetic of the four candidates at the debate. However, she has never been on ASNMU and was confused about committees that could help fix one of her campaign platforms.

Dow as a presidential candidate would have been a lot more appealing, since a new face could prevent ASNMU from plateauing. That just wasn’t the way Lieck and Dow lined up.

As far as the amendments go, a creation of a student bill of rights, the ability to be involved in their advisor selection and transferring to gender-neutral pronouns are a no brainer. Everybody will win with these amendment changes and will help the student body grow with the times. Anything that supports the students of Northern Michigan is supported by Marquette Social Scene. hockeyville banner


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