The Negaunee Irontown Association announced the cancellation of the 2015 Heikki Lunta Festival, which was scheduled for January 17.

According to the announcement on the association’s website, the decision to stop the festival was due to financial issues regarding the fireworks show.

“The Negaunee Irontown Association Board made a decision based on a lack of funding to purchase fireworks due to the rising costs associated with putting on this type of event,” the statement said.

The event that celebrates the Finnish-American folklore of the Scandinavian snow god would have included an ice fishing tournament, fireworks and a community bonfire.

This is the second major event to be cancelled by Marquette’s neighboring town, as the Negaunee Invitational Tournament also was cancelled earlier this month.

The NIT hung up their nets on Dec. 3 as Negaunee Basketball, Inc. disbanded. Tournament director John Basolo said that the the small group of volunteers could not produce the high quality event anymore.

Both cancellations were made on significant anniversaries. This would have been Irontown’s 20th Heikki Lunta festival and the NIT had celebrated 50 years of one of the Great Lakes’ most respected basketball tournaments.

The Negaunee Irontown Association Board said they will focus on Pioneer Days which is in July.


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