Another Double Trouble DJ bar crawl is set for this week, but this isn’t your usual Marquette trip.

This time Coors Light and Petoskey Brewing Company is sponsoring the Mid-Winter Madness Abominable Bar Crawl on Friday, February 20. Kickoff is at 5 p.m..

Check-in starts at The Wild Rover then bounces to the Doghouse Pub and Breakers Roadhouse. Bar crawlers will then hop on a bus to hit up Third Base and Coco’s. After getting back on the bus, it will swing by the Northland Pub at the Landmark Inn and back to the Wild Rover to wrap up.

Food will be served at the Wild Rover and Coco’s.

This bar crawl starts on the success of the “Goat Rodeo” end-of-semester bar crawls. Numerous students and community members have bounced from bar to bar in past crawls that have gone as far as Ishpeming and Harvey.

There are a couple unique aspects of Mid-Winter Madness though, most notably the beer instead of shots. All previous bar crawls have featured shots from Dr. McGuillicudy’s. That is what opened the door for the Landmark. The hotel has the second largest bottled and can beer selections in downtown Marquette.

Also notably absent from the list is the Ore Dock and Flanigan’s. Ore Dock has been the registration and check in location for the last couple tours while this is the first crawl without the karaoke and live music bar.

A Marquette bar crawl in the middle of February may not sound fun, but it is big business for local distributors. Giveaways, social media interaction and brand recognition with an event like this adds a lot to the area’s growing beer market. With the amount of microbreweries and amateur brewers and the bigger companies that come to the area like Boston Brew Company and Bell’s Brewery, this is a great way to get involved for Coors Light and Petosky Brewing Company.

Tickets are $25 and include a T-shirt, a drink at every bar and a couple of door prizes. Tickets will be given as first prize at Doghouse Pub trivia tonight as well.

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