With 139 likes and 99 shares in four hours, the TV 6 story about buildings at Northern Michigan University tagged with graffiti versions of gnomes has gone viral.

Thankfully, viral stories have tons of internet comments. The puns were just too good to not share.

gnomebody knows

no use


double pun



Three buildings were hit with the stenciled likeness of Norman the Northern Gnome, a special NMU version of your standard garden gnome. According to NMU spokesperson Derek Hall, this is such a serious matter that he almost keeps the smile off of his face when speaking to TV 6.

“We do not approve of anything like this on our campus,” Hall said in the story. “We’re preparing eagerly for the return of students next week, and having graffiti on our buildings is not part of that preparation.”

Let’s just say some puns are calling in the reinforcements.

get the authorities

The good news is that it isn’t the former graffiti artist Gerko.

is it gerko

nope not gerko

The conspiracies that it was Norman himself doing the spray painting did come up as well, but their quality fell way short of the puns on this list. Honestly, a gritty origins story for Norman would go pretty well under the university’s new slogan “Fearless Minds”. Might as well since someone went there already.

fearless minds

However, most reactions to the tags were met with a sense of pride for Norman and an appreciation for the art. Cuteness does pay off.

save it

cuteness forgives everything




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