Michigan Tech and Lake Superior State hockey programs tried to trash talk about their national championships on Twitter last week and NMU hockey was just not having it.

The full (and sad) attempt to troll the Wildcats can be found HERE.

Northern Michigan has had the most winning seasons of the three Yooper schools since 1994. That was the last time one of them won a national championship, as the Lakers defeated Boston University 9-1. Tech is on an upswing under coach Mel Pearson, but they haven’t won a championship since 1975.

Twitter fights have grown pretty popular lately, with more stories published about them on traditional media sources. SB Nation’s college hockey blog took notice to the spat and gave it an article.

@NMUHockey is one of the many newer Twitter profiles from the Northern Michigan athletic department. It has 2,528 followers, making it one of the largest Marquette-based profiles. According to a source in the athletic department, multiple people have access to the account, so it isn’t available which person dropped this brilliant knowledge bomb on the other Yooper schools.

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