The North Wind, Northern Michigan University’s student newspaper, will publish their summer edition on this Thursday, June 4.

“It’s been pretty crazy so far looking at a lot of stuff but we’re feeling good about it,” said new editor in chief Ray Bressette.

This will be the first edition under Bressette, who served as the sports editor last year. After a controversial 2014-2015 school year, Bressette remained primarily scandal-free compared to other writers on staff.

Bressette said the paper was running on low staff as people may have moved home or picked up summer jobs and internships. To fill the 16-page edition, some less timely articles written by students during the Winter semester will be published. Instead Bressette is looking forward to the first edition of the Fall semester.

“The full transition isn’t going to be felt until the fall because there isn’t a lot of summer students. I feel like were transitioning to a greater variety of stories,” he said.

Potential for further disaster was evaded by the summer staff after comments by business advisor Steven Neiheisel said that June’s publication was considered good PR for the university.

“One of the reasons June 4th was picked is that, in past practice, this is an orientation edition and therefore it could be considered a special edition. It’s not a weekly update on the news, it’s not a comment on things, it’s an orientation edition for the students and parents coming on campus,” Neiheisel said at April 20’s North Wind Board of Directors meeting. “That’s been the practice in the past to my understanding. With that in mind, I would compare it to the inserts that were in The Mining Journal, three, four weeks ago, in which they had a thing on mining, a thing on higher education, a thing on tourism and that type of thing.”

All of the journalists from the North Wind and those covering the meeting took visible exception to that statement, as paid-for content (also called native advertising) is a constantly changing aspect of media and reporting and Neiheisel’s comments failed to explain the complex ethical/economic issue. Both Bressette and managing editor Michael Williams said that they stayed true to the journalistic process and editorial content.

“Just because this isn’t our hardest hitting issue doesn’t mean we approached it differently,” Williams said. “This is an informative issue and students will benefit from the issue. I hope it will help incoming students navigate through their first phase at Northern.”

The edition will include an article updating readers on the current federal court case between Williams and former journalistic advisor Cheryl Reed against Neiheisel, North Wind board of directors chairperson Aubrey Kall, parliamentarian Troy Morris and former members Eric Laksonen and Pearl Gaidelis. Bressette said that the article will have a different tone than the articles last year.

“It won’t be front page,” Bressette said. “It will be a short article keeping people in touch with what’s going on but short and to the point.”

The North Wind can be read online at or in physical copies around the Marquette area.


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