A bright yellow posterboard said “liquidation sale” on the door, but the announcement The Pet Stop made on their Facebook page shared the true story.

pet stop facebook

The Facebook post was made by owner Pat Kaski. He said that the store has been struggling as internet sales and PetSmart have taken away customers.

“Took a big chunk away from us,” Kaski said about the competitors. “We tried a bunch of different things. We get the local people but it’s the out of town people we don’t get anymore.”

Four jobs will be lost but Kaski said that’s only half of the jobs The Pet Stop had before PetSmart opened.

The Pet Stop is officially closing somewhere near July 15 as inventory and shelving gets sold off to customers. Kaski said the building has been on the market and there are negotiations in place to sell soon.

For 22 years The Pet Stop has been open in Marquette, first opening in the Westwood Mall and then moving to their current location at 102 Coles Drive. Since then the store has specialized in pet food, fish and more. Despite the announcement, Kaski remains thankful.

“Thanks for the support of the local community,” he said. “It’s a sad day for everybody.”


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  1. Ginny Tippett

    Sorry to see the Pet Stop go. I got both of my dogs from them, one has passed and the other is 12. How sad when the little guy gets run out by big box. I will miss coming in. Thank you for your years of service to the people of the area.

  2. Keith Williams

    the sad to see the little community family owned and run business being pushed out by all the corporations.. its almost impossible now days for a small business to stay even in the running with these corporations being able to drop prices so low so they can push the competition out just to raise their prices once they’ve done so :( its a shame and I’m really sorry to hear about this wonderful shop that’s been around since I was young :( its just a sad ending to what was a great local business for soo long in the Marquette area… I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and am very sorry to hear this depressing news… God Bless and Best wishes to the owner and family and all the workers who are losing their job due to this unfortunate new :( Your business will definitely be missed by many people I know including me and my family… goodluck in the future..


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