Well someone finally gave the Upper Peninsula a contest that it could compete in as a region – and of course it’s paired up against Detroit in the first round.

The Duluth Trading Co. has established the Flannel City Face-Off, the ultimate competition of which area cares most for the clothing style.

Da U.P.’s first contender is Detroit, pairing the two peninsulas of Michigan against each other. It is one of eight brilliant bragging rights matchups that use similar names, regions of the country or statistics to create more drama, like Chicago vs. Cleveland, Duluth vs. Minneapolis or Portland, Maine vs. Portland, Oregon.

Marquette has been a perennial small-town contender, whether it be for best ski town, extreme weather or biking communities contests. However, this is the first fan vote bracket that groups the entire Upper Peninsula as a contender. That may play into the region’s favor, as that brings Marquette with town’s like Baraga who had a huge Plaidurday rally and Ironwood, the home of the Stormy Kromer.

If the Upper Peninsula moves on, they will face the winner of the all-Portland matchup in the quarterfinals. At time of publication, the U.P. had a 1,598-180 advantage on Detroit and has received the most votes of all 16 cities.

To vote, visit the Duluth Trading Co. website and click on the city you want. The voting for the round of 16 ends on October 7, with fans voting again until the 14 for the quarterfinals and the 21 for the semifinals.


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